Civil litigation is the legal process involving disputes between parties who seek either monetary compensation or equitable relief. A civil lawsuit may be filed either in state or federal court. General civil litigation as the name implies, applies to a broad range of laws and the associated litigation of civil law. The plaintiff is the person that files a pleading or files a complaint against the defendant. The plaintiff's lawsuit may seek reimbursement for damages, reparations for a breach of contract, compensation for injuries, resolution of business disputes, or a host of other issues to be decided by civil court proceedings.

The trial lawyers at Thornton Koller regularly handle civil jury trials, bench trials, mediations and arbitrations. Whether you need a civil litigation attorney in San Diego, Southern California or need co-counsel for a complex matter anywhere in the United States, we can provide experienced representation in every kind of business or individual dispute, including commercial and contract litigation; employment law; real estate, construction and land use matters; environmental and hazardous waste issues; products liability; healthcare litigation; OSHA or other regulatory enforcement matters; professional liability disputes; false advertising and other consumer fraud actions; trust and estate litigation; and insurance bad faith, coverage and related matters.

If you are an injured party or, have been sued for damages; if you are the owner of a business and have a serious business problem that interferes with the operation of your business or concerns you in any way, please contact Thornton Koller at 760-688-0600, and we will provide you with a free consultation.


  • Achieved major settlement for victim of sexual assault and sexual harassment by the employer.
  • Defended import-export company in action by customer alleging fraud and breach of contract. Achieved full dismissal and client’s recovery of unpaid fees through settlement during mediation.
  • In a lawsuit alleging securities fraud, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty and elder abuse, Thornton Koller's trial attorneys recently achieved a successful recovery for their elderly client against his former financial advisor, the broker-dealer, and securities firm.
  • Successfully litigated business owner’s action against his partner for breach of partnership agreement and embezzlement. 


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